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After care is very important for maintaining your tattoo while it heals.

Theres lots of oils, creams, protective layer films on the market at the moment, however, there isn’t a specific product that’s better than the other. It’s more about how big your tattoo is, where it is on your body and what you’ll be doing for the first 2 weeks of receiving your tattoo.

There are 3 main no-no’s when it comes to looking after your ink.
Number 1 is no swimming in salt or chlorine waters. Showers and baths are fine, but try to avoid soaking your tattoo within the first two weeks. The reason why you shouldn’t go swimming is the chemicals in the water can make your artwork prone to infection, especially in chlorine water you’ll never know what specific chemicals are used.

Number 2 is trying to stay out of the sun. The Sun is the number 1 killer for fresh tattoos, especially if you’re sun baking within the first two weeks and fry the tattooed area. If you do regularly spend time in the sun and expose the area, it is prone to fade.

We recommend if you’re planning to go on holidays to somewhere sunny, have the tattoo done after you come back to avoid sun damage.

Number 3 is try not to pick and scratch at your tattoo. The itching sensation is perfectly normal, as it’s a sign that your tattoo is healing. Itching your tattoo heightens your chance of infection from the bacteria on your hands. If you really need to get rid of the sensation, lightly tapping on the tattoo is the safest method.

After every tattoo session we give our customers an after care pamphlet, which is a fool proof guide to proper tattoo maintenance.

We also sell ‘Protat’ Premium Tattoo Aftercare cream, sensitive skin or the vegan option for only $10.

The pamphlet outlines the Do’s such as when to remove your glad wrap, wash the tattoo with liquid soap, air dry the inked area, apply after care cream at least 3 times a day, until the scabbing has cleared and the new skin is settling.

We advise that if you’re allergic to Bepanthen, an antiseptic cream, try Palmer’s fragrance free cocoa butter.

We’ve also identified the Don’ts such as, not leaving the glad wrap on for more than 3 hours, no harsh chemicals or bar soaps while healing, no dry rubbing the tattoo or use a dirty towel, don’t pick, scratch, irritate or forcibly remove scabs while the tattoo is healing.

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