Customer Service @ Victims of Ink

There’s one important thing that makes Victims of Ink stand out from the crowd of tattoo parlours, and that’s our customer service!

No matter if you’re having a consultation, artwork that takes 5 minutes or a 5 hours, we strive to make your time with us relaxing and easy. It’s important that we respect any artwork or proposition our clients pose to us. We welcome anyone who is 18 years or over, so don’t be shy about your age, everyone is treated the same here at Victims! Our team of fully qualified artists take the time to customise your designs or ideas to create the perfect artwork for you. If you have some artwork that you would like to develop into ink, have a free consultation with us and take the first step towards some brand new artwork!
We’re open from 11am-8pm, any walk ups are always welcome.

We also have our Victims of Ink merchandise in the front window, please pop in to have a look! Our artists also have their personalised artwork hanging in our store which can be purchased!
We hope to see you here soon at Victims of Ink!

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