Although it can be frustrating to fill in the exact same waiver form when you’re coming in for a tattoo, it is the best way for us to gage what type of experience you will have with us at Victims of Ink!

First of all we must check that you are 18 or over, as it is illegal in the state of Victoria to tattoo minors (17 or under). In NSW it’s slightly different as the age is pushed down to 16-17, however this rule varies across the different states. If you do look under 25, take it as a compliment, but we will ask to see your I.D.

We require information about any blood related diseases, for example; HIV, Hepatitis, prone to poor healing, anaemia. This information will give the artist a better idea on how to cater for your specific needs and a better idea on the path you’ll need to take for aftercare and healing from the tattoo.

We ask if you’ve had something to eat within the last 4 hours. Your blood sugar needs to be at a steady rate to avoid fainting or feeling nauseous during a tattoo. We’re happy to break up the process if you need to take 5 minutes before continuing on.

In Victoria it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the influence of unprescribed drugs or alcohol, so if you are intoxicated or have taken any drugs,  we will have to refuse service.

If you are taking medication prescribed by a Doctor we ask you to identify the type.

We outline that we use single use sterilised equipment, so the artist will unwrap their new tattoo needles in front of you so you can identify that nothing has been previously used.

Any questions you have about the form or the tattoo process itself, the artist or reception is more than happy to answer your queries.

If you have any tattoo ideas or want to book in for some new ink, we’re open 7 days a week from 11am – 8pm.
We hope to see you soon!


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