The Importance of Consultations

Here at Victims of Ink, we receive lots of enquiries about large scale designs and requests to have a tattoo completed as soon as possible. Getting a tattoo is a very exciting and courageous thing however it is always advised to have a consultation with an artist first.

We provide obligation and cost free 15 – 30 minute sit down consults with the artist who will complete your tattoo.
This gives you a chance to discuss customisation ideas for your tattoo, for the artist to assess the area that they’ll be tattooing and for the artist to measure the area so they can begin the design process.

During the consult, artist will refer back to your example images you’ve provided and start to discuss what direction they would go with the design, what style you’d like the piece done in, such as traditional, black and grey, colour, watercolour, line work etc.

This is also a great opportunity for the artist to give you advice on what may or may not look good long term, tattoos can change over time as your skin ages.
For an example, if you’re wanting a small tattoo with very intricate lining and detail, the likelihood of that tattoo fading and losing definition is very high. The artist may advise you to have the design printed slightly larger to avoid your tattoo losing detail over time.

The artists, being experts at their craft, may advise you avoid tattooing in areas that might fade a lot faster like hand, finger or foot tattoos. The skin on these areas is a lot thinner and is prone to fast fading or the tattoo ink blurring into indents or finger print lines. For this reason, we don’t offer free touch ups on these 3 areas that are tattooed.

A consultation with an artist will give you a chance to get to know one another, as tattooing can be a very personal experience. Our artists are prepared to make you feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.

It is beneficial to book in for a consult before your tattoo session, however not all enquiries will need a sit down meeting with the artist.
Small scale tattoos often don’t need a sit down chat with an artist if it’s script, a small symbol or design, the artist will be able to sort all the logistics out on the day, for example; picking a font for script.

If you have any questions about your tattoo, please email them to
Our great reception team are trained to point you in the right direction of an artist to meet with or to book you straight in.

For any tattoo enquiries, send through your reference images, scaling, location on your body and an artist you’d like to work with to our email. If you are unsure on who to work with, we’re more than happy to recommend you to an artist that specialises in the style of tattoo you’re after!

We are open 7 days a week from 11am – 8pm, all walk ins are welcome!

Hope to see you soon at Victims of Ink!

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